class TrivialEmbeddingAlgorithm : public xacc::quantum::EmbeddingAlgorithm

The EmbeddingAlgorithm class provides an interface for minor graph embedding algorithms.

Public Functions


The Constructor

virtual ~TrivialEmbeddingAlgorithm()

The Destructor

Embedding embed(std::shared_ptr<Graph> problem, std::shared_ptr<Graph> hardware, std::map<std::string, std::string> params = std::map<std::string, std::string>())

Implementations of EmbeddingAlgorithm implement this method to provide a valid minor graph embedding of the given problem graph into the given hardware graph.


embedding A mapping of problem vertex indices to the list of hardware vertices they map to

  • problem: The problem graph to be embedded into the hardware graph

  • hardware: The hardware graph.

  • params: Any key-value string parameters to influence the algorithm.

virtual const std::string name() const

Return the name of this instance.


name The string name

virtual const std::string description() const

Return the description of this instance


description The description of this object.